We produce
sheets, panels
and systems
in polycarbonate

Quality and service
since 1981

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Our product range

AKRAPLAST Sistemi: a transparent world

For more than 35 years quality and innovation

AKRAPLAST S.r.l. is a reference in the field of translucent systems, sheets and panels for the building branch, especially regarding multi-wall polycarbonate products. The production range includes flat, corrugated and profiled sheets and panels. Constant attention in the choice of raw materials, commitment in development and improvement of the products as well as technical and commercial support to the customers, are the base of the Company’s philosophy.
AKRAPLAST Sistemi has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification.

Service and expertise

Besides the extrusion of panels, sheets and profiles in cellular or solid polycarbonate, our services include sealing of the hollow chambers (by thermosealing or taping), bending of the panels if required, storage, cut on size, logistics and transportation. Furthermore, a wide range of accessories for the different product lines is available for applications in flat, pitched, curved and vaulted roofs, rooflights, northlights, domed skylights, conservatories, walkways, canopies, shelters, sheds, translucent or transparent walls, vertical glazing and cladding, light strips, suspended roofs, also in combination with profiled metal sheets and sandwich panels or with corrugated fibre cement sheets.

Where we are

Akraplast News

  • MÜNCHEN 17-22 April 2023 Stand C2.428

Where we are