Akralux Onda

Polycarbonate multi-wall corrugated sheets UV protected

The corrugated polycarbonate multi-wall sheets Akralux Onda are particularly suitable for translucent cladding and roofing, rooflights in industrial and agricultural buildings and for conservatories. They fit perfectly with all conventional corrugated fibre cement sheets.
The corrugated profile confers high rigidity and load bearing capability to the system and the UV protection on the external side of the sheet maintains the excellent light diffusion practically unchanged in time. By overlapping the sheets no joint profiles are needed, allowing thus easy and fast installation.
For roof applications a minimum slope of 4° (7%) is recommended.
Akralux Onda is also available in thermoformed bent execution for domed skylights.

Elements of the system

  • Sheets extruded in multi-wall polycarbonate with UV protected external side, available in flat or bent execution
    • thickness: 4 mm and 6 mm
    • length on size, up to transportation limit
    • colours: clear, opaline, others on request
    • sealed hollow chambers

More details in the Technical Chart

Applications and use

  • Industrial rooflights in combination with corrugated fibre cement sheets
  • Translucent roofs
  • Translucent walls


  • Transparency
  • Impact strength
  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation
  • High wind and snow loading capability
  • Lightness
  • Easy installation (lateral overlapping)
  • Fire certification

More details in the Technical Chart


Brochure Akralux Onda
Technical Chart Akralux Onda