Sun Modul for Curved Roof

Selfcarrying glazing system in polycarbonate UV protected

Sun Modul offers excellent advantages in its curved glazing applications. The curved steel channels, the perfect weather tightness and stability of the locking system and the low overall weight provide high load bearing capability.
Combining the 2 modular width of the panels with the 2 types of steel channels and the suitable bending radius (bent to order) large span abilities (up to approx. 8 m) and high wind and snow load capabilities may be obtained.
System components are supplied made to order manufactured on the exact length required, up to transportation limit; there is no discontinuity in the surface.
A full range of aluminium profiles and on size produced curved window frames, already assembled or to assemble, ensure perfect finish and aeration.

Elements of the system

  • Panels extruded in multi-wall polycarbonate with reinforced UV protected external side
    • thickness: from 10 to 40 mm
    • modular width: 500 mm, 1000 mm
    • length on size, up to transportation limit
    • colours: clear, opaline, others on request
    • sealed hollow chambers
  • Supporting steel channels with plastified external side
    • Standard (thickness of the system 40 mm)
    • Maxi (thickness of the system 60 mm)
  • Clip profile in UV protected polycarbonate
    • colours: clear, opaline, others on request
  • Frame profiles in natural anodised aluminium
  • EPDM gaskets and PE inlays
  • Window frames for flat roofs
    • produced on size
    • with manual or motorized opening

More details in the Technical Chart


  • Transparency
  • Impact strength
  • Durability
  • Thermal insulation
  • High wind and snow loading capability
  • High free spans between supports
  • Perfect water tightness of the joints
  • Safe anchorage of the panels with compressive and suction forces
  • Free expansion of the panels without restrictions
  • Low total weight of the system
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Bending radius as required
  • Fire certification

More details in the Technical Chart


Brochure Sun Modul
Technical Chart Sun Modul